Membership Agreement, will not disclose personal information conveyed by users through the site to 3rd parties. This personal information; it contains all kinds of other information to identify the User such as the person's name, surname, and e-mail address, and will be referred to as 'Confidential Information' for short.

Since the password you enter will be encrypted (encrypted) in our database, the password cannot be requested. However, [email protected] should send an e-mail indicating that he forgot his password, and renew the password from the information sent to his mail as a link. Nobody, including site management, can see the password entered.

The member may not comment in any way that is bad, negative and violent. The right of the site administration to ban the member in such cases is kept confidential.

Confidential Information may only be disclosed to public authorities if such information is requested duly by the public authorities and in cases where it is mandatory to make disclosures to the official authorities in accordance with the mandatory legislative provisions in force.

For this reason, your membership information will remain safe in the database.

The user (Visitor) is considered to have accepted the bulletin mails in advance, even though he is a member. However, he can then send an e-mail to [email protected] e-mail address.


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